Photo © Jonas Treub
Photo by Zach Dischner

Special Features

With the Vivid theme your website will look contemporary and playful by breaking out of the usual boxed layout convention.

Responsive indention

Images and titles break off the grid on larger screens but take the full available width on small devices for an optimal experience.


Bold banners are great for leaving a big impression on your audience. The aspect ratio can be set so the image won't be cropped.

Video Banner

You can now give your videos all the attention they deserve. Large responsive video playback. See a live example.


Text is being resized dynamically in relation to the viewing distance. You can choose from 7 available fonts.

Sharing is caring

An action menu for sharing pages on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter is build-in. Links to your social networks can be shown in the footer.


We have tried to keep Vivid as simple as possible without sacrificing on any features. In the manual we try to cover the most possible hurdles. If you do not find what you are looking for we are there for help.

Device targeting

Phones, tablets and desktop computers are each presented with a different type of navigation specifically designed to fit their platform.

Navigation Aim

By detecting the direction of the mouse movement, submenu's will not unexpectedly close while you are trying to reach for them.

Fluid video and images

Images and videos are scaled to fit any screen size. Supporting YouTube, Vimeo and Kickstarter video embeds.


No images were used in the creation of this theme so its both quick and sharp. Your logo is automatically retinafied.


Font Awesome 3 is integrated into the Vivid theme. Icons can be a great tool for dividing your layout and clarifying your message.

Browser support

A website created with the Vivid theme will work in most browsers (IE8+) but certain stylistic elements might be missing or look different, e.g. drop shadows and fonts. In our opinion a website must not necessarily look the same in every browser.