My Setup

I hope this blog post finds you all well and ready to take on 2013. While waiting for my next theme “Imprint” to come out (Im aiming for the 15th) I thought I would write a little post about my ever growing setup at Pressure Designs HQ. I personally find it very interesting to see what other equipment people are using so I thought I would share mine. 

My Desk

This is my main workstation where I create all of my products and plan new ones. Picked a great time to take the photo as my next semester at college starts next week and I can guarantee it won’t look like this.  Included in the photo is 

  • iMac 21 Inch 2008
  • External  AOC 21 Inch external Monitor 
  • Aspire One netbook running Windows 7
  • iPad 3 
  • iPhone 4S 
  • Whiteboard 
  • Stitch Toy (To watch me work) 
I just recently got the second monitor and I am now wondering how I ever managed without it, my workflow is so much more organized and much faster. With the new monitor I received a nice new desk for christmas, I don’t know what it is but I like to have a glass desk. Only downside is it shows off all the dirt and fingerprints. 

I like to read a lot of coding books and also like to have them on reference for when I am working, here is a list of all the books I won and use regularly. 

  • Javascript and jQuery- The missing Manual
  • JavaScrip- Eighth Edition 
  • HTML & CSS- Design and Build websites 
  • Beginning iOS 5 Application Development 
  • Objective-C for absolute beginners 
  • Head First C#
  • Games and Graphics in C++
  • Starting out with C++
As you can see I have a lot outside of the theme/stack development area but I am a major in Computer Science at College so the c language is used quite a bit. I have also been working on an iOS Application for a couple of months but I find myself lending much more time to rapidweaver projects so thats just a hobby at the moment. I am extremely interested in great book reads so I can expand my knowledge further so if you have a book recommendation please shoot it over to me (Twitter, Facebook, email etc) I would love to hear it. 
I hope this interested you in some way, “Imprint” is tentatively scheduled for a release of the 15th Jan along with a stack or two in the following week. 
Happy (Late) New Year!

New Developer

Hello Rapidweaver community! 
I thought I would let you all know who I am, my background and what I plan on achieving with Pressure Designs. 
My name is George and I live in Fort Worth, Texas. I am a College Student attending UT in the Spring and a Dallas Stars season ticket holder. Even though I am young I have been working with web design for 5 years now doing custom designs through Rapidweaver or independently. 
I decided to have a go at creating Rapidweaver themes myself after being a user for a very long time. The developer community produces such high quality themes week in week out and I want to be apart of that and help people utilise the amazing software that is Rapidweaver. 
I am starting out realising themes as fast as I can make them along with some stacks in the near future. In the long term I am looking at expanding to software design such as Apps, games and more so stay tuned. 
I want to thank the amazing developer community for the incredible feedback you have taken the time to so kindly give and for producing such high quality and incredible themes/stacks. 
I hope you enjoy my first theme Pala and I will have more themes coming very soon! 
To see what im working on follow my
Dribble Account. To stay in touch and get discounts please like me on facebook, Follow me on Twitter or subscribe to the newsletter.
Alternately please feel free to shoot me an email [email protected]
I look forward to producing some incredible themes.
Heres to the future!