This is Pala…

Pala is a fixed header theme designed to be as versatile and colorful as possible with tons of features built in. With 10 built in banner photos you will never be short of a great banner photo as well as extra content containers to make your page stand out among the rest. Pala was designed with color in mind so it can be used in so many different environments, anything from Business to Blogging.
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Fixed Header

Pala has an optional fixed header at your disposal, this is an often overlooked feature but besides being stylish it encourages your users to explore you site decreasing bounce rate on pages.
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A Ton of Style options

Pala has more style options than you can shake a stick at, everything on the site has some sort of customization, anything from the sidebar divider to the footer breadcrumb. Pala won't hold you back from making your site exactly how you want it!
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Works in all Modern Browsers

Pala has been tested in all modern browsers and will work on all platforms. We will continue to support Pala with updates to any future browsers to make sure it is compatible
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Lifetime Support

When you purchase Pala you are given unlimited lifetime support, we will always be there to answer you questions and keep you weaving. We promise to answer all support tickets within 24 Hours. Please note that we cannot always help with theme variations.

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Fixed Header
12 @Font-Face fonts
Background Textures
3 extra content containers
Header Alignment
100% Width Header
Large Amount of Style Options
11 Built in Banner Images
RWMultitool compatible for Custom banner images
Font Awesome Built In
Looks great on Mobile Devices

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About Pressure Designs

Pressure Designs creates premium Rapidweaver themes and stacks run by an army of one based in Fort Worth, Texas.

Need Help?

Have any questions you would like to ask before purchasing Pala? Having an issue with Pala or another product? No problem, feel free to send an email using the link below. I will get back to you as soon as possible with all the answers.