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Wealth Of Style Options
Imprint is packed with loads of style options so you can make your site look exactly how you want it to. There is loads of different fonts, colors, textures and images thrown in to give loads of versatility. Take a look around all of the preview pages to see what can be done with the options
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Browser Compatible
Imprint has been tested extensively in IE, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and all mobile browsers including Android and iOS. Imprint will also be updated constantly to keep up with the ver changing web trends.
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3 Extra Content Containers
Imprint has three extra content containers so there is more space to display your content outside the normal space. Extra Content is very east to implement using stacks or any other page, to find out more please visit the tutorials page
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Font Awesome 3.0 Built in
Font Awesome includes 250 different icons at your disposal, all can be accessed with a simple line of code which can be found on the tutorials page. To find out more about font awesome please visit this link here
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Optimized Built In Pages
Lots of effort has been put in to make the built in rapidweaver pages look and run perfectly. You can make use of these useful pages without worrying about them fitting in with your theme. Remember to go and check them out from the menu bar.
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Built in Social Icons
Over 50 different social icons are built in for you to use, an example can be seen above. They are easily implemented by copying one line of code. To find out more and how to add icons please click here

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9 Custom Fonts
3 Banner Images
Add Custom Banner Image
Custom Colors
Wood and Cardboard Textures
Text Shadows
Smooth jQuery navigation
Uses HTML5 & CSS3
5 Theme Styles