Aerial theme
Adding your own banner images is a breeze
Aerial theme
Adding your own banner images is a breeze

Theme Features

Responsive + width control

In addition to a responsive layout for mobile devices, Aerial offers an optional max width limit for your site.


Aerial offers beautiful large text which is a relief for your website visitors to read.

Sticky Navigation

The navigation can be locked to the top of the browser window as the page is scrolled upwards. One level of navigation is supported.

Big Banner

Big and bold banners are popular for leaving a great impression on your audience. You can use your own images or use the color picker to select a color. Banner images from this example site are not included with the theme.

Splash page

An optional page style to introduce your website by focussing on the navigation and showing a large full screen image.

Fluid images and video

Images and videos are scaled to fit any screen size. Supporting YouTube, Vimeo,, Viddler and Kickstarter video embeds.

Fast to load

Though you can add your own logo and banner images no other images are used in this theme so its quick and sharp.


Your logo is scaled at 50% of its original size so it looks crispy sharp on retina displays. You can scale your logo even further down for mobile devices.


You can display a certain location on a large map stretching the whole width of the page. Be aware that the map is hidden for mobile visitors due to usability issues.


Full and complete color control on all theme elements and text.

Browser support

A website created with the Aerial theme will work in most browsers (IE8+) but certain stylistic elements might be missing or look different, e.g. drop shadows, rounded corners and fonts. In our opinion a website must not necessarily look the same in every browser.