Aerial theme
Adding your own banner images is a breeze
Aerial theme
Adding your own banner images is a breeze

Banner Images

Slice 2

Add your own custom banner images by following these steps:
  • Control-click the Aerial theme in the Theme Browser
  • Select 'Reveal Contents in Finder…' from the contextual menu
  • Open the images folder
  • Add your images using the names you see in the Page Inspector, e.g. 1.jpg
  • Finally select your image from the Page Inspector

Embed a Map

Slice 1

You can show where you are located using the build-in map. An example can be viewed on the contact page.

Follow these steps to add a custom map:
  • Visit Google Maps and search for your address
  • Click the Link-button which can be found in the sidebar next to the Print-button
  • Copy the HTML embed code into a text document
  • Search for "src=" and copy the text between quotes
  • Paste the text into the Page Inspector Sidebar Title field
  • From the Page Inspector options deselect Maps Hide to make the map visible

Text Fitting

Slice 3

The Aerial theme makes the title font size responsive to different screen sizes. To make other headings responsive as well you can use the following javascript code snippets which can be dropped in the Page Inspector.

H1 headings
$("h1").fitText(1.1, { minFontSize: '5px', maxFontSize: '100px' });

Blog headings
$(".blog-entry-title").fitText(1.1, { minFontSize: '5px', maxFontSize: '100px' });